Beach, bay, and marsh

Bird Island Cove, West Galveston Bay

Bird Island Cove, West Galveston Bay

 Naismith Marine completed a coastal boundary survey, borrow area surveys, marsh mound surveys, geotube, hazard, and other specialized surveys for this project. We provided construction surveying including the post-construction as-built and aerial photographs. Currently, we provide monitoring surveys to evaluate restoration success. 

Nueces Bay Marsh Restoration

Nueces Bay Marsh Restoration

 Wetland and marsh creation is an important part of restoring the coast. This project in Nueces Bay created new marsh to replace more than 340 acres of marsh lost by highway construction and erosion. Naismith completed design, construction, and monitoring surveys for all phases of this project. 

San Luis Pass

San Luis Pass Hydrographic Survey

 This project was in support of the shoreline protection and restoration of West Bay Bird Island, modeling of the inlet, and documentation of changes due to a major hurricane. An initial survey of West Bay Bird Island was followed by the flood shoal area with channels in West Galveston Bay, survey of the pass, ebb shoal, and beach profiles on the Gulf side.  This survey required access to marsh areas, shallow sand bars and channels with swift currents. Depths ranged from 30 feet to zero at the shoreline. 

Cedar Bayou & Vinson Slough Surveys

Cedar Bayou & Vinson Slough

 Cedar Bayou is a natural pass that was intentionally closed many years ago. Naismith completed design surveys, pre-construction surveys and continues with monitoring surveys after re-opening the pass. This project covered 5,000 acres of upland and over 30,000 acres of waterway. 

McFaddin Beach Profile Surveys

McFaddin Beach Surveys

Naismith completed multiple projects in support of dune restoration and beach nourishment of the entire Gulf shoreline from Chambers County to Sea Rim State Park.  Beach erosion in this area has destroyed the beach highway and threatens the marsh area extending inland.

Post-hurricane Debris Mapping

Hurricane Harvey Debris Mapping

Hurricane Harvey affected bay systems around Rockport and Corpus Christi.  Naismith utilized side scan sonar to map debris and sunken vessels in several bays, waterways, and coves.  Our unique approach to debris mapping yields high quality data over large areas at a low cost.

energy, oil & gas

Clearance Surveys for Chevron's Big Foot TLP

Chevron's Big Foot Platform

 To date, the largest tension leg platform that moved through the Corpus Christi Ship Channel presented unique challenges. Naismith Marine provided clearance surveys including 100% coverage multibeam and 200% coverage side scan sonar.  We assisted with dock clearance, positioning, and dredge monitoring throughout the various phases. 

Offshore Wind Farm - South Padre Island

Baryonyx Wind Farm South Padre Island

 Naismith Marine completed numerous surveys for the feasibility phase of an offshore wind farm near South Padre Island, Texas. Bathymetry, magnetometer, sub-bottom, and side scan sonar surveys were completed for approximately 40 kilometers of cable route. Additional surveys were required for wind turbine locations and cable landings. 

Kiewit Offshore Services - Heavy Lift Facility

Kiewit Offshore Services

 Naismith Marine completed numerous surveys for loading and unloading very large structures.  A deep hole used to offload heavy lift ships is surveyed on a routine basis.  Clearance surveys are completed for all large vessel movements. 

Oil & Gas Gathering Lines

Oil & Gas pipelines Corpus Christi Bay

Pipeline surveys in Texas bays include those needed for permitting and cultural resource investigations.  Existing pipeline location, access route, and channel crossings were also surveyed as part of multiple projects. 

Buckeye Terminal - Texas Hub

Buckeye Terminal Texas Hub

Surveys include design, construction, and monitoring of new ship dock facilities.  Clearance surveys, dive inspection, small debris removal are part of the ongoing services provided at this terminal.  Naismith has completed design surveys for many new oil & gas terminals.

Single Point Mooring - Gulf of Mexico

SPM Gulf of Mexico Hydrographic and Geophysical Surveys

 Naismith Marine completed bathymetry, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, and magnetometer surveys for approximately 9 miles of inshore pipeline and 15 miles of offshore pipeline corridor to a proposed  SPM (single point mooring) off the coast of North Padre Island.   Additional work included state and federal lease plats, and sediment sampling.

engineering & construction

La Quinta Channel Expansion

La Quinta Channel Surveys

Industrial growth along the La Quinta Channel has led to numerous projects including; channel widening, a new turning basin, several new dock facilities, marsh creation, aid to navigation installation, environmental studies, and others.  Naismith continues to provide survey support for ongoing projects.

Underwater 3d Imaging of Dock

Underwater 3d Imaging

 Dock and Wharf Structural Monitoring and Repair continues to be an important part of managing port facilities.  Naismith completed sector scan and 3d sector scan surveys of this deep water dock in the Port of Corpus Christi.  The structure consist of pipe and concrete piles.

New Dock Construction

New Dock Construction

Changes in exports and the deepening of the major ship channels has led to new dock construction.  Naismith continues to provide all of the surveys required from feasibility, design, and construction, through post-construction monitoring.  In recent years we have provided surveying for over 10 new docks in Corpus Christi and Brownsville.

Dredge Material Placement Areas

Dredge Material Placement Areas

Channel Deepening and new facility construction have increased the need for dredge material capacity.  Naismith has completed numerous projects for DMPA updates and new placement area design / construction.

Post Hurricane Shoal Surveys

Post Hurricane Channel Surveys

Storm surge associated with tropical storms can produce unusual current conditions leading to scour and shoals.  Naismith completed multiple surveys of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and associated docks after Hurricane Harvey.

Breakwater Construction

Breakwater Design & Construction Surveying

Shoreline protection has become an important part of all inland projects.  From breakwaters to marsh construction, Naismith has completed numerous coastal boundary surveys, hazard (pipeline) surveys, and surveys for design and construction.